Barry Matthewson

Developer & Technology Strategist
Barry Matthewson

From the early days of programming BASIC on a TRS-80 to the modern digital society, technology has been a constant force in my life. It is, quite literally, at the forefront of my thoughts each and every day. Whether it's adding a new feature to our latest project or brainstorming how technology can improve our lives, I live to find new and exciting ways to utilize the tools our industry's giants have provided.

My career started as a software tester for an automated attendent phone system. From there, I've held a variety of development and strategic positions with both small businesses and major brands such as Acer, Extended Stay America, Citi, and EverBank. These days, I provide both development and stategic insight for DiscoverTec in Jacksonville, Florida - a digital solutions provider specializing in building a strong web presense for large and mid-size organizations.

Wondergrub is my personal brand. Its origin is rooted in the world of XBox Live, where I spent many years honing my skills as a target. While gaming has taken a back seat to raising two amazing daughters, my brand has stuck with me - mainly because I really like the name.




Holistic Development

Architecting systems as a whole in an effort to improve information distribution and process efficiency.

Human-Computer Interaction

Advances in motion and speech recognition have opened the gates to new and inventive ways for people to use the devices in their lives.

Global Presence

Technology has provided us with the ability to span continents in seconds. Design and build with that in mind.